The Traditional Guesthouse Ardamis is housed in the most significant building of the Monemvasia castle, whose history goes many centuries back. It was the governor's house during the Venetian rule and a residency during the Ottoman rule, while two Byzantine emperors have also been welcomed there. 

The building was renovated with respect, without absolutely any alteration of the areas, keeping its particular architectural elements intact, thus highlighting its beauty and history, while at the same time offering all modern luxuries. When the renovation started a Byzantine coin was found in the ruins dated back to 711 A.D. which is now exhibited in the Numismatic
Museum of Athens and is unique in its kind. 
Some of the guest house special elements are the unique Castle tower, 14 meters high with seven windows, an 800 years old marble well, a true copy whereof is exhibited in the
Museum of Istanbul and a picture whereof is exhibited in the Castle Museum, and of course the guest house 100 m2 balcony right above the sea which many Greek and foreign magazines and visitors have called <the Mediterranean terrace>
Currently the guest house is an amazing complex of rooms, suites and apartments joining the history with the living present of Monemvasia. 
Ardamis Traditional Guest Houses is the ideal destination for honeymoon.
Quality never suffers a crisis; this is our firm belief which we prove everyday to all our clients. We shall continue to offer state-of-art services so that you may enjoy the comfort, the amenities and the ambience of Ardamis guest houses. Thousands of readers of various magazines have classified us as the best guest house in Greece, for three consecutive times; we are awarded for our efforts but also committed to constantly improve the quality of our services, even in difficult periods as this. In our website you will find various press releases, and awards. One of the voting procedures was held by the “Voyager” magazine which conducted a poll among 60,000 readers; with a percentage of 96.68% our guest house won the first prize across Greece!!!! Selecting your accommodation based on the price is unfair to both us and you.